Honorary Consulate

Dr. Pablo Livieres
Dr. Pablo Livieres Guggiari.

The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in the Republic of Paraguay was established in 1st of October 2015 and is located in Asuncion and has the jurisdiction in  all the territory of Paraguay.

The  mission of the Latvia Honorary Consulate is to promote cultural, economical,  educational development between the Republic of Latvia and the Republic  of Paraguay.

The Honorary Consulate aims to protect the interests and rights of the Latvian citizens and subjects in Paraguay, and as well to increase the awareness about Latvia, its culture, economy and education to Paraguayan general public for further strengthening the relationship between Paraguayans and Latvians.

The Honorary Consulate works with government agencies and institutes to promote bilateral ties and build business, cultural and political links within South of America.

An Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia is a person entrusted by the Republic of Latvia to perform representational or consular functions for the state in accordance with the 1963 Vienna Convention on Consular Relations and other international agreements, The Law on Diplomatic and Consular Service, Consular Regulations and other laws and regulations.

The Honorary Consulate is currently represented by Honorary Consul Dr. Pablo Livieres and he is supported by Honorary Consulate members Linda Apsite and Manuel Schaerer Kanonnukoff.

Honorary Consul.

Dr. Pablo Livieres has been appointed as Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Paraguay from 1st of October 2015 (Diplomatic Note No. 54/412-2488 and Agreement No. 338 with Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Republic of Latvia).

Dr. Pablo Livieres on his professional profile is Attorney-at-Law since 1989, Doctor of Juridical Science and Partner at Estudio Jurídico Livieres Guggiari (Law Firm- General Partnership).

Fields of Practice:
  • Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Contracts Law
  • Re-structuring and regulation of public utilities – tap water and electricity supply, Privatisations
  • Foreign Investments.
Professional Education:
  • Catholic University "Nuestra Señora de la Asunción" - "Asunción: Attorney at Law"
  • National University of Pilar, Paraguay (2005): Doctor of Juridical Science (Summa Cum Laude).
  • Founding Member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Latvia and the Río de la Plata, based in Montevideo, Uruguay.
  • Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Paraguayan American Chamber of Commerce.
  • Paraguayan French Chamber of Commerce.
  • Paraguayan German Chamber of Commerce.
  • Paraguayan Argentinean Chamber of Commerce.
  • Paraguayan Bar Association.
  • Paraguayan Center for the Promotion of Economic Freedom and Social Justice (CEPPRO).
  • Inter-American Bar Association.
  • Paraguayan Institute of Corporate and Banking Law.
  • Member of the Union Internationale des Avocats (UIA).
  • Member of the entity Habitat for Humanity Paraguay.

Consular services.

Latvian Passport Holders

The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in Paraguay does NOT handle Latvian passport-related matters.

Applying for Visas

The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in Paraguay does NOT process visa applications.